"Word reached us that a certain golden willow had been sighted on the border between Falkirr and Restormir. Why it should still be rampant in midsummer, long after the season for arboreal drift, I cannot say, unless said tree has developed a taste for rambling. Willows are sometimes like that."
Torisen, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter II: A Willow Rampant"

The golden willow is a specific tree that engages in frequent arboreal drift. In Seeker's Mask, Jame and Kindrie ride it,[4] and in To Ride a Rathorn, it comes again, and Gorbel's foot gets infected with it's roots.[5]


  1. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XX: A Season of Fog", I — "A writhing node of rootlets passed over him like so many wooden snakes, stiff and acreak with the sap just beginning to flow through them. For a moment the tree’s full weight sagged into the hole, pressing him down into the mud. Then it lifted, and the golden willow churned on its way."
  2. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XVI: Gothregor and Tentir", VI — "The scene in the square later that morning strongly reminded Jame of the past summer's muster to hunt the rathorn, which a wandering golden willow and other natural hazards had frustrated."
  3. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter IX: Echoes of Kothifir", I — " 'What happened to you?' 'Storm threw me. We were tracking a rogue golden willow and it charged us.' 'You didn’t fell it, did you?' 'That would require it to stand still first. Trinity, I hate arboreal drift.' "
  4. Seeker's Mask, "Part III: The Riverland", II
  5. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XIII: Blood and Ivory"

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