[T]his is my one chance to gain something that my dear father can't take away. I intend to earn my randon collar. So, I suspect, do you.
Gorbel, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter VI: Blades Unsheathed", II

Gorbel is the Caineron Lordan, attending Tentir at his father Caldane's instruction, so that he and his retinue may harass Jame.[3] However, this plan backfires, and Gorbel and Jame become cautious friends during To Ride a Rathorn and Bound in Blood.

Gorbel appears to be bound to his dog, a pook named Twizzle.


Caldane beat Gorbel's mother to death when he was a baby.[4] Gorbel was there, and he saw it. He doesn't remember it consciously, but, when he hears Death's-head's scream, he remembers.[5][6]


Gorbel is, as all lordan must be, a Shanir able to bind Kencyr to him. He is also bound to his pook Twizzle.


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