Regarding that broad, white forehead and those smoky green eyes, Jame suspected that here was a woman who bested her man in more ways than he knew.
Jame's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter XV: Winter's Eve", I

Gran Cyd is the queen of the Merikit.[1] She is the military[2] and civil[3] leader of the Merikit, while her housebond Chingetai is the religious leader, taking his role in the religious ceremonies.[4]


Her first housebond is Chingetai.[2]

Her sister is Anku.

She has a few grandchildren, including Hatch, and Prid and her sisters.

Prid's late mother was Cyd's daughter. Sonny may have been her son, or also Chingetai's son by another wyf. She is pregnant with another child, who is attributed to Jame.


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