Gray-leggings was Gorbel's war-horse,[1][2] who was killed by Death's-head when Gorbel challenges Jame at the end of Honor's Paradox.[3]


  1. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XIX: Challenge", I — "That left only Gorbel. Forewarned, the Caineron had chosen a steady gray charger well used to combat, but the smell of blood had roused him too."
  2. Honor's Paradox, "Lexicon" — "Gray-leggings—Gorbel’s warhorse"
  3. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XIX: Challenge", III — " 'You had a good horse.' 'The best. Old Gray-leggings will be hard to replace.' 'Sorry.' 'Don’t be. It was to the death, whatever you were told. I just never counted on horse before rider.' "

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