[T]he ruined keep that served as their lair. They ate by torchlight, sitting on mossy blocks beside a brook that gurgled down the length of what had once been the keep's main hall; and forest folk passed among them, shy, wild eyes glowing red in the firelight, filling horns with honey mead. Out in the Holt, the rest of the pack sang in yelps and long, crooning wails which took on the rhythms of some complex poetry.
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 12: Night Pieces"

The Grimly Holt is an old fortress just inside the Weald where a pack of Wolvers live.[1] They are reasonably friendly to outsiders. The Wolver Grimly is one of them.


The Grimly Holt wolvers are generally peaceful, possess strong sense both of ethics and of aesthetics,[2] and tend to be shy and courteous.[1] They love singing, and even pick their leaders for their singing.[3] They also make strong mead.[4]


Grimly Hold is an anicent Bashtiri fortress in the eastern corner of the Weald. it is half in ruins, and the wolvers use it happily in that state,[1] though in Seeker's Mask, when a weirdingstrom shows the form of the ancient keep as it once was, the wolvers are very excited to see it.


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