The municipal guard in Tai-tastigon are the city police and guard the Five. They enforce the law (to some degree) and keep the peace (to some degree), although they are notoriously bribeable. Marplet sen Tenko buys guardsmen to testify against the Res aB'tyrr, for instance.[1]

Injuring a guard is one of the crimes for which the punishment is death by flaying alive on the Mercy Seat.[2]

Shortly after arriving in the city, Marc becomes a guard, on the advice of his friend Sart Nine-Toes; this occupation almost results in his death when Hangrell, trying to hurt Jame to impress Bane, drops a wall on him. Hangrell is executed on the Mercy Seat for this crime.[3]

Guards carry iron-bound truncheons as a weapon and badge of office.[1]


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