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Who, after all, was fit to judge him, the Highlord's heir? We are. Only we. And we did.
Hallik, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter XVII: The Winter War", VII

Ran Hallik Hard-hand was a Knorth randon. A member of the Randon Council, he was Commandant of Tentir during the year Greshan spent at Tentir as a third year randon cadet.

When Gerraint Highlord ordered Bel-tairi slain to cover up what his son Greshan had done to her, Hallik led the hunting party. When it returned, Greshan was slung across his saddle, dead; Hallik claimed a hunting accident.[2] Hallik then turned a White Knife on himself.[3]

Jame appears to suspect that Greshan was slain by his own Kendar for harming a Whinno-hir, and that was the reason for Hallik's suicide.

Hallik was Harn's father. He was very proud of him, and loved him dearly.[4][5]

In To Ride a Rathorn, when Torisen is straining under the weight of remembering all the dead Knorth, Hallik is one of the ones who cries out to him, begging to be remembered.[6]


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