He knew how deeply flawed Harn believed himself to be, but he also understood the man's value. In his own rough way, Harn was also a touchstone, and a test.
Sheth's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XXIII: Touchstone", II

Ran Harn Grip-hard is a Knorth KendarOne-Who-Had-Returned—a randon, and the Knorth senior randon, serving both on the Randon Council and as Torisen's war-leader.


Harn was born a Knorth Kendar in Gerraint's reign. He was Hallik Hard-hand's son.

Harn was a cadet at Tentir during his father's—the Knorth senior randon—year as Commandant of Tentir. People made fun of Harn a lot, though Sheth was his best friend.[7] During that year, Hallik took the White Knife.

Harn served in the Southern Host as a cadet. He was friends with Ashe, and she would guard his back during berserker rage.[3][4]

After he became a randon, he worked his way up in the Host, serving as a one-hundred commander with Ashe.[3][4]

As a Knorth Kendar during Ganth's exile, Harn became One-Who-Had-Returned. He became a Caineron yondri.[2]

Harn continued to work his way up in the Host, and he was second-in-command under Genjar.[6]

Under Genjar, he served at the Battle of Urakarn, where they were captured and tortured. Harn escaped, with Torisen, Rowan, Burr, and Rose Iron-thorn. They fled into the Wastes, into the Great Salt Sea, there Rose died in sink-sand, and then saved them.

Harn became a close friend of Torisen's. When Torisen became Commander of the Host, Harn was his second-in-command.[5]

When Torisen became Highlord, Harn was bound back to the Knorth. He became the Knorth senior randon like his father before him, serving on the Randon Council.

During Jame's year at Tentir, Harn was serving there. After he has trouble, being drugged with Black forget-me-not and forced to relive his father's death by Graykin, possessed by the Lordan's Coat. After that, Torisen posts him in Kothifir, thinking it would be a good idea to get him out of there for a while.[8] There in Kothifir, Harn finally becomes the Commander of the Host himself in The Sea of Time.


Harn is a berserker, a Shanir aligned with That-Which-Destroys.


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