"Now that you've come of age, what will you do?"

 He gave her a crooked smile. "The same thing I've always done: wait for Prid."

Jame and Hatch, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter X: Spring Equinox"

Hatch is a Merikit boy in his mid to late teens[4]. He's Prid's cousin, and Chingetai and Gran Cyd's grandson.

In Seeker's Mask and To Ride a Rathorn, Hatch is known only as "the Challenger". Chingetai made him the Challenger,[1] but he passed the role on to Jame to avoid it.[5] Later that year, when Chingetai tries to do the ceremony again, Hatch does the same thing, passing off the ivy crown again.[2] A year later, in Honor's Paradox, he tries to do that yet again, but Jame pushes back, and Hatch finally becomes the Earth Wife's Favorite.[6]

Hatch wanted to marry Prid, but could not at the Favorite.[6] When he became the Favorite, Jame married Prid instead, but they decided Hatch would move in with Prid, in her mother's old lodge. He will likely marry her as her second housebond when he has finished his time as the Favorite.[7]


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