They were passing between the Elder Kingdoms now, with Bashti on the west bank and Hathir on the east. Thousands of years before, these two colossi had controlled most of the Central Lands; but Hathir had long since disintegrated, and decaying Bashti was a power now in name only.
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 12: Night Pieces"

Hathir is an ancient kingdom of the Central Lands,[1] paired with Bashti.[2] Hathir is on the eastern bank of the River Silver. It is north of Karkinor and south of the Riverland. These days Hathir is divided and ruled by the Seven Kings.

P. C. Hodgell has said that Hathir's population and culture come mostly from the Eastern Lands, with elements of the south as well.[3] This likely means their language is part of the same language family as Easternese and Southron.

At Hathir's height, they held the eastern bank of the Silver, from the Cataracts to the Riverland.[4] In the Riverland, Hathir built many fortresses up and down the river valley as it competed with Bashti.[5] The modern keeps Kithorn, Tagmeth, Mount Alban, Wilden, Falkirr, Gothregor, Omiroth, and Kestrie are built on the sites of these fortresses. Holding the north was always difficult and expensive, and after a large earthquake,[6] both kingdoms ceded the Riverland to the Kencyrath.[7]


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