"Hearts of Woven Shadow" is a short story within the Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry collection. It concerns the immediate aftermath of the death of Greshan and how his father Gerraint takes it badly. It covers the death of Gerraint at the ascension of Ganth to the Highlord's seat.[2]

We learn here that Gerraint dealt with Gerridon in an attempt to have his beloved son restored to him, that Gerraint offered Gerridon a contract with Tieri that Gerridon took up years later, making Kindrie not a bastard after all but the product of a legitimate contract agreed by her Lord; that Rawneth was dealing with Perimal Darkling even then; that the changer Keral was the true father of Kenan, Rawneth's son; and that Ganth's infatuation with Jamethiel Dream-Weaver was fully in place long before his exile to The Keep in the Haunted Lands.



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  2. Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry, "Hearts of Woven Shadow"
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