Higbert, son of Higron, now glowering at her across the square. The Caineron equivalent of Vant, he had never been able to take her presence at the college seriously and now seemed enraged that she had kept her command while he had lost his. A harsh, stupid man, she doubted that anyone much loved him,
Jame's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter V: Fractures", II

Higbert is a Caineron Highborn: Higron's son, Caldane's grandson.[2]

He is a randon cadet at Tentir. He's friends with Fash and Vant.[3][4]

During their autumn at Tentir, Fash and Higbert threw Drie into the Silver.[5]

Higbert had own ten-command until the autumn cull, when it was taken apart. He and his old Five, his cousin Tigger, were put in their uncle Gorbel's ten-command.[2]

Tigger loves to torment him.[2] In Bound in Blood, there in an episode where Gorbel's ten-command is late to scythe-arms class because Higbert fell into the manure pit, and he claims Tigger pushed him.[6] Later in that class, Dure, also in their ten-command, puts his trock in Higbert's cloths, and Higbert has a complete breakdown, and proceeds to blame Jame for it.[7]

Later that year, Higbert and Fash try to get Bear killed.[8]

Near the end of Honor's Paradox, he takes part in Gorbel's challenging Jame, along with Fash and Obidin.[9]


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