High Kens is "a highly formal and archaic version" of Kens, the Kencyr language.[1] It does not appear to be known by all Kencyr; the only people who appear to understand and speak it are all Highborn.

  • Ishtier uses it to test Jame's origins in God Stalk,[2] and she uses it again to curse him when she discovers what he did with Bane's soul.[3]
  • Adiraina uses High Kens when she tries to tell Torisen that he cannot enter the Women's Halls in Gothregor.[4]
  • Randiroc says the single word "Soft" when he starts stroking Jame's hair in Mother Ragga's house in To Ride a Rathorn.[5]
  • Jame curses back at the ribald jokes by the Merikit men, hoping they wouldn't understand her.[6]
  • The Jaran war cry was a shouted phrase in High Kens: "The shadows are burning!"[7] They also use the word Jedrak as a title for their lords.[8]




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