I deserve it, I deserve it, I deserve it…
Hinde, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter XV: Wilden", I

Hinde is a a Randir acolyte at the Priests' College, who can cause earthquakes.[1] When he is returned to the college in Honor's Paradox, Kindrie sees into his soul-image, that Hinde was shaken as an infant by someone who hated him for being Shanir. In the soul-image, he sends the shaker away, and Hinde it quiet for a minute before the soul-image reverts and Hinde starts shaking again.[2]


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  2. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XV: Wilden", I — " 'Hinde, stand forth.' The twitching cadet nervously crossed the circle […] In his soulscape and in the room itself […] began to quake, […] In his soul-image, someone huge was shaking the boy, now a mere infant. 'Oh, you little Shanir bastard…' […] 'You’re killing him,' he said. 'One more seizure and he will die. You are nothing but a memory, to torment him so. Go away.' Then they were back in the classroom, the boy quiet and bewildered in his grasp, […] 'I sent away a baleful influence.' 'You destroyed it!' 'No. Only he can do that. See. It has him in its grip again.' The boy broke Kindrie’s hold and backed off, shaking, sneering."

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