The horse appears to be common on Rathillien, both among the Kencyr and native populations.


The Kencyr brought a special type of horse to Rathillien; the Whinno-hir—highly intelligent, extremely long-lived, and capable of great feats. It's not clear if the Kencyrath had any other kind of horse before Rathillien; they may have or may not, but three thousand years after their arrival they have many normal horses, as well as cross-breeds with the Whinno-hir to varying degrees, cross-breeds being the logical mixing between Whinno-hir and normal traits.

The Kencyr use the horse extensively in war, although, as in armies in our world, only a small proportion of their troops are mounted. All randon are trained in horsemanship.

The horse was the Knorth crest before the Fall, but Glendar replaced it with a rathorn.



At Hurlen, draft horses are used to winch ferries on cables across the river, while other horses are used to haul barges to and from Karkinaroth along the River Tardy.[1]


When Jame comes across Arribek sen Tenzi's hunting party, he is mounted on a tall gray mare, and much of his hunting party is mounted as well.[2] It seems likely that the hillmen of Skyrr are talented horsemen.


Both the Res aB'tyrr and the Skyrrman have stables, suggesting a fair amount of horse-borne traffic.[3]

Southern WastesEdit

In the Southern Wastes, other mounts are generally preferred to horses (for example, fleetfoots, moas, woms) because horses are poorly equipped to the hot dry environment. However, one of the Waster Horde tribes is called the "Horse-head", suggesting that the Wasters keep horses.[4]


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