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Ishtier is a Kencyr priest.


Ishtier was one of the Exiles, who stayed with Ganth after his exile and settled in North Kenshold. Ishtier betrayed the Knorth by escaping the keep and running away with a Kendar woman who was carrying Ganth's son Bane. In doing so, he left his younger brother Anar, a scrollsman, the task of protecting the keep from the nearby force of Perimal Darkling.[3]

In Tai-tastigon, Ishtier takes position as High Priest at the temple of the Three-Faced God. After Bane was born, Ishtier let him believe he was his father.[4]

When Abbotir told Bane he was to be a thief, Ishtier removed Bane's soul so as to allow him to act without honor without dishonoring his soul. It's later learned that rather than protect that soul, Ishtier uses it to create a monster that hunts the poorer parts of Tai-tastigon, sharing Bane's taste for children. Jame discovers this and in the process of fighting Isthier, forces him to call for a judgment. This process apparently incapacitates him, although he reappears later in Seeker's Mask apparently recovered. She demands a second judgement from the priest in the Priests' College in the process of rescuing Kindrie. This sends the man truly insane.


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