"Observe, describe, learn," we Jaran say.
Kirien, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter V: The High Council", IV

The Jaran are one of the lesser of the major Kencyr houses, though the largest of the small houses. The Scrollsmen's College at Mount Alban is sponsored by the Jaran.

Reputation and archetypesEdit

Many Jaran are scholars and singers. In fact, to be Lord Jaran is considered an inferior fate compared to scholarly pursuits, and getting the position is equivalent to drawing the short straw.[4]

In addition to being scholarly, the Jaran have a reputation for being eccentric,[5] and unconventional. Torisen says they're the only house that would think to make a woman their lordan.[6]


Old Lord Jaran died in the White Hills as the Host marched south to the Battle of the Cataracts. He was 160, and had presumably been Lord Jaran all though Ganth's exile, and likely as far back as Gerraint's reign.

He made his great-great-granddaughter Kirien his heir. Since she was still underage at the time of his death, Kenan was made temporary lord until Kirien comes of age.



Main article: Jedrak

The Jaran use the High Kens word Jedrak as a name for their lords, thus styling them "Jedrak, Lord Jaran of Valantir."[7]

Inter-house relationshipsEdit


The Knorth have been traditional allies of theirs,[8] perhaps because both houses have a reputation for being "unconventional".[6] Recently, friendship between Kirien, and Torisen and Jame, has strengthened this bond.


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