She crouched and gathered Jorin into a warm, furry hug, an anchor in a reeling world. The ounce licked her cheek with a rough, anxious tongue, then stuck his wet nose into her ear.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter XIX: A Walk into Shadows", I

Jorin is a Royal Gold hunting ounce who is bound to Jame. Jorin was born blind but can see through Jame's eyes; Jame can sometimes sense through Jorin's senses as well.

The idea that Jorin is like a child to Jame is used multiple times, from when Bane who calls them "Mother and child" just after Jame rescues Jorin,[4] to Jame's first thought after hearing how Kalan had to leave her baby daughter behind is of Jorin.[5]


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