His shadow was black on the stones before him, all except the shadow that should have been cast by his head. There was nothing. His hair seemed to be falling out in strips with the skin still attached. Underneath, the flesh was brown and wrinkled as a rotten potato.
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 7: The Feast of Fools"

Jubar is a thief of the Thieves' Guild of Tai-tastigon who attempted to steal from Edor Thulig on the Feast of Fools, believing (incorrectly) that demons sleep on that night as do gods. His head no longer casts a shadow, and his hair is falling out, leaving brown and wrinkled flesh. Jame sees him in the Moon in Splendor, when Darinby points him out.[1]


  1. God Stalk, Book II: Crown of Nights, "Chapter 7: The Feast of Fools" — "He pointed to a small table in the back of the room where a single man sat facing the wall. […] 'Poor old Jubar won't be with us much longer,' said the journeyman dispassionately. 'He ran into the demon up in the lit levels during the last Feast of Fools. The idiot thought that because the gods slept, so would Thulig-sa.' "

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