This is a hard life, always traveling to satisfy the greed of others. The lords of both cities ask too much of us. I only want a home and family of my own, before it is too late.
Kalan, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter IX: Into the Wastes", IV

Kalan is a Kothifiran seeker, kinswoman of Laurintine and Lanielle.[1]

She was born in Kothifir. She married, and had a daughter. Her husband died not long before she left for the caravan in The Sea of Time, and her baby was sick.[2]

She lives for many years in Langadine. She nursed Laurintine at the end of her life. After Laurintine died, Lainoscopes' father made her marry his cousin, hoping to breed another line of seekers. She loved him, and they had 5 sons, including Lathen and Lanek, but no daughters. Her second husband died in a hunt, where the king was also killed. After he died, Lainoscopes became king, and wanted Kalan to marry yet again and keep trying for a daughter, but she was past childbearing age at that point.[3]

Kalan fled the city with Jame, taking Lanek with her.[4] She returned to Kothifir and was reunited with her baby daughter. That day, she showed Brier to hold the baby.[5] In Kothifir, she stayed with Qrink, her first husband's brother. His tower burned, and she was trapped inside it with her baby. In a desperate attempt to save her daughter, she threw her baby out the window, just before she burned to death. Brier caught the baby, but she died anyways.[6] Because Kalan had shown her how to hold the baby before, Brier blamed herself for the baby's death.


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