Ah, Kallystine, so beautiful, so vicious.
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 10: The Lurking Past"

Lady Kallystine is Caldane's favorite daughter.[2]

She is Rawneth's great-niece and possesses a knack for and an obsession with sorcery and "science." This leads to her attempt to create a liquid that could transfer the youth of one person to another.[3]

Kallystine knows for wearing risqué, lingerie-like masks.[4][5]


Kallystine is a Caineron Highborn, the daughter of Caldane and a Randir lady, a niece of Rawneth.[1]

The Matriarchs kept Kallystine at the lowest level of the Women's World,[6] for none of them trusted her.[7]

On Adric's advice, Torisen took Kallystine as his limited-term consort after he became Highlord, to get Caldane's support.[8] Their contract did not include children, but the Caineron were sure Kallystine would seduce him, and he would extend the contract when it came up for review.[9] While she did seduce him, he also came to hate her.[10] By the time of the books, Torisen is avoiding her, and waiting for the contract to expire.[11] He cast her off after she attacked him in Seeker's Mask.

After the events of Seeker's Mask, Kallystine came to hate her sister Lyra, to the point where Lyra was sent away from Restormir to the Women's Halls at Gothregor for her own protection.[12]


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