Rawneth's son, Kenan, Lord Randir, shoved his way through the crowd, glaring across the pyre at the randon known as Mer-kanti, who was also the exiled Randir Heir, Randiroc. Kenan wore full rhi-sar armor with gilded inserts. He glittered red-gold in the firelight, a lordly sight meant to overawe; but hate twisted his handsome face into something ugly, something unnatural, something—somehow—almost familiar, Jame thought.
Jame's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Prologue: A Flight of Jewel-Jaws"

Kenan, Lord Randir of Wilden, is the current official head of the Randir.


As told in "Hearts of Woven Shadow", when Greshan was five days dead, Rawneth came to Gothregor and got Gerraint to agree that if she would restore Greshan, he would recognize any child of theirs as the Knorth heir. Kenan was conceived that night, in the Moon Garden with the changer who had assumed Greshan's form. Gerraint died that night, and so Rawneth was never able to claim that Kenan was that heir. So Rawneth returned to Wilden, contracted with a Randir Highborn, and Kenan was born.[1]

Ten years later, after the old Lord Randir, died, Rawneth took out a contract with the Bashtiri Shadow Guild against his heir, Randiroc. Without a current Lord Randir, she turned to the Highlord—Ganth—to have him confirm Kenan as the next lord. Kenan would've been 9 at the time. Kinzi, the Knorth matriarch, had witnessed Rawneth in the Moon Garden with the changer, and couldn't be sure who Kenan's father was—and therefore, whether or not his claim was legitimate. So she summoned Rawneth and her child to Gothregor to have Adiraina read the boy's bloodlines, planing to advise Ganth whether or not to confirm Kenan on that basis.[1] Rawneth knew her son was by the changer, and to prevent Kinzi from learning this, Rawneth took out a contract with the Bashtiri Shadow Guild against the Knorth women, resulting in the Knorth Massacre. And then, with no Highlord in power to reject or approve claims to lordship, nor to stop her, Rawneth made her son Lord Randir.[2]

Kenan has only one child of his own: Shade, his half-Kendar bastard daughter, "begat by way of experiment before his tastes settled."[3]


Like all lords and matriarchs, Kenan is Shanir with the power to bind Kencyr to him, at least in theory. He doesn't seem to have any bound followers, however.[4][5]


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