The Kencyr Wiki is a Wiki on the subject of P.C. Hodgell's Kencyr books, which currently comprise:

as well as a short story collection:

More novels are expected; the author is a substantial way into writing the next installment.

We intend to build this into as complete and comprehensive a guide to Hodgell's universe as we can. To this aim, we have the following guidelines:

  • Reference the source material. Don't just write "Jame has long black hair"; reference exactly where in the novels we are told this. More detailed guidelines to referencing will come in time, but any form is better than none. Book and chapter, at least; page numbers vary between editions.
  • Use canonical sources by preference: this means the novels and all the short stories in Blood and Ivory except for Child of Darkness, which Hodgell has specifically said not to regard as canon. Next by preference are Hodgell's own writings, e.g. blog postings, web pages and the like. Bear in mind that in some cases what is being told is the state of a work in process, and may not accurately reflect the final form of the novel.
  • Separate fact from speculation. When it comes to details of things in Hodgell's world, stuff that doesn't directly come from Hodgell's own writings is speculation. Don't write speculation as fact. Separate it from the factual content; if you think it's really important to be in the article, remove it to a separate section. Most of the time, speculation is better on the talk page.

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