A Kencyr temple is a center of the Three-Faced God's power, making it available to Kencyr priests and others. Nine exist on the current threshold world, Rathillien, although one (at Kothifir) was incomplete when the Kencyrath arrived, which had never happened before.

The temples are always much larger inside than their unprepossessing exteriors suggest; this is especially true of the temple at Karkinaroth, which is the size of a model.


The temples always exist when the Kencyrath arrives, which leads scholars to postulate the existence of a fourth race, the Builders.

On Rathillien, the Grindark people were thought to be the Builders' workers. They built the temples, as well as Wyrden for themselves. The temple in Kothifir was never quite finished.[1]


There are thought to be 9 temples on Rathillien,[2] 5 of which are considered missing.[3]

Three of the temples are maintained by the Kencyrath, with priests being sent to tend them. These are the ones in Tai-tastigon, Karkinaroth, and Kothifir.

As for the others, one is located in Urakarn. Another is located in Langadine, and the city and temple both now lay in ruin. Another is thought to perhaps be in the lost city of Tai-than.[3]

  1. Tai-tastigon (tended)
  2. Karkinaroth (tended)
  3. Kothifir (tended)
  4. Urakarn
  5. Langadine (ruins)
  6. Tai-than (theorized)
  7. unknown
  8. unknown
  9. unknown


  1. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 8: Interlude with Jewel-Jaws" — " 'So the Grindarks worked like madmen putting up eight of the temples around Rathillien and most of the ninth in Kothifir. Then one morning not a single Builder was waiting to direct them.' "
  2. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 7: A Rage of Rathorns" — " 'Marc, there are supposed to be nine Kencyr temples on Rathillien, aren't there?' 'Why, yes.' 'There were ten doors in that underground chamber.' 'Well, there's Wyrden in the Oseen Hills. That's Builders' work, too.' "
  3. 3.0 3.1 The Sea of Time, "Chapter IX: Into the Wastes", I — " 'All they found were ruins half buried in the sand,' he had said in disgust. 'Those, and the shell of a Kencyr temple.' That last had surprised Jame. 'What, one of the missing five?' 'Kothifir, Karkinaroth, Tai-tastigon…' Timmon had counted on his fingers. 'Tai-than, perhaps.' Jame wondered what Canden’s expedition had found. […] 'Kencyr prisoners at Urakarn claim to have sighted one there too,' Gorbel had said."

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