Inside lay a narrow silver collar, ornately inscribed with runes of forgotten meaning, set with a gem of shifting hue. It had been found in the unfinished temple at Kothifir when the Kencyrath first came to Rathillien. Some claimed that it was a parting gift from the mysterious Builders; others, that it had simply been left there by accident. At any rate, in those times of self-doubt just after the Master's fall, the Kenthiar had become both the emblem and test of authority, for supposedly only the true Highlord could wear it in safety. Many questioned that belief now, but admired the nerve of anyone willing to put the thing on.
Torisen's narration, Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 6: The High Council"

The Kenthiar is a narrow silver collar inscribed with ornate runes of forgotten meaning, set with a gem of a shifting hue. It was discovered when the remains of the Kencyrath arrived in Rathillien; it was found within the unfinished Kencyr temple at Kothifir. Whether it was accidentally left there or was a deliberate parting gift from the Builders is uncertain.

The collar became the test of a Highlord's authority and an emblem of it. It was believed that only the true Highlord could wear it in safety; however, it has decapitated three Highlords with legitimate claims to power,[1] as well as the fingers of anyone foolish enough to touch its inner surface.

After Ganth surrendered the position of Highlord and went into exile, the Kenthiar sat on Ganth's chair in Gothregor for twenty years, except for when a drunken Highborn tried it on and lost his head. Torisen put it on when he made his claim on his father's position, and survived it. He still wears it as a reminder of his status, although it makes him nervous.

The Grindark tribesmen call it the Men-thari, and were afraid of Torisen as he was wearing it, although Men-thari is more likely the title of the chief Builder.


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