Mirrors aren't to your liking anymore, are they? We remember when they were, but that was millennia ago. Since then, you say, you have become immortal. […] But they warp you, Keral, body and soul, more and more each time. Even now you can no longer hold any true shape.
Immalai, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 1: Fire and Ice"

Keral was the son of Daron, a Randir Highborn, and an unknown Kendar woman. He joined Gerridon in his betrayal of the Kencyrath that became the Fall, and stayed with him, becoming a Changer. Keral's actions during the Fall were especially infamous.

Jame once calls him "the Master's favorite pet,"[1] and Ganth calls him Gerridon's "faithful dog".[2] Keral himself claims that Gerridon values him, though Immalai doesn't believe this is true.[3]

Keral is known for his cruality. During the Fall, he burnt out the eyes of Arrin-ken with coals.[4] He tormented Jame during her time in the Master's House. She had kept the broken-off hind leg of a wooden cat figurine that Winter had carved for her and Torisen, and when Keral saw her with it, he burnt it.[5] He also threatened to feed her to Iron-jaw, a haunt.[6] He always said Tirandys was a spoilsport for teaching her how to fight back.[7]


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