Kibben is a Highborn Caineron in Gorbel's first ten-command at Tentir.

When Corrudin tells Gorbel to select one of his comrades to give a foolish command, he selects Kibben as the only one who meets his gaze. Gorbel tells Kibben to stand on his head; Corrudin tells him to resist, putting his willpower and voice of command behind it; Gorbel again commands him to do it, with Shanir power behind his words. Gorbel's command wins. Jame realizes that Kibben, and the other Caineron Highborn cadets, are Caldane's spies, there to report back about Gorbel's behavior.[1]

After that, Kibben is sent back to Restormir.[2] He is never able to stop standing on head, even when Gorbel orders him to. He eventually dies that autumn of brain congestion.[3]

His brother Kibbet goes to Tentir in his place later.


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter X: Battles Old and New", III — " 'Lordan, if you would oblige, give one of your comrades a foolish command.' […] For a moment he returned his great-uncle's sleek smile with a stony glower, and then he twisted around where he sat to regard his ten. His hooded eyes swept over them, and all but one failed to meet his stare. That one, a Highborn, grinned back at him, but his amusement quickly faltered. 'No,' he said, with a laugh shaken by disbelief. 'Yes. Kibben, stand on your head.' […] Kibben made an odd, choking noise. He bent, put his hands and the top of his head on the floor, and swung up his legs. […] Gorbel smiled. 'Good boy,' he said softly. Suddenly Jame realized something […] these Highborn cadets weren't Gorbel's friends. They were his father's spies."
  2. Bound in Blood, "Chapter V: Fractures", II — " 'Did Kibben?' M'lord had taken the cadet back to Restormir with him. No word had come of either since."
  3. Bound in Blood, "Chapter XVI: Gothregor and Tentir", VIII — " 'Kibben died this autumn of brain congestion. He never did get his feet properly under him again, no matter who told him to stop standing on his head. Including me.' "

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