There was the rusting, iron face and there lay the sword. Even with its hilt emblem smashed, it was beautiful. He touched it almost reverently and snatched back his hand with a gasp. The blade might still be hot, but the hilt was so cold that it almost burned his hand.
Graykin's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 13: Converging Paths"

Kin-Slayer is the Knorth heirloom sword. It works together with the Knorth heirloom signet ring to enhance the strength of its rightful wielder.[1][2]

The sword is broken and corroded by changer's blood when Ganth is killed in the Keep by warriors from the Master's House seeking Jame and the Book Bound in Pale Leather that she had taken.[3] Jame takes the shards with her to Tai-tastigon and keeps them in her pack throughout God Stalk and in Dark of the Moon until she is captured by Tirandys in the Palace of Karkinaroth.[4] Kin-Slayer is reforged then in Perimal Darkling, and Jame sees it later. When she briefly returns to the normal world she tells Graykin about it and tells him to find it and take it to Torisen.[4] Graykin gives it instead to Caldane, Lord Caineron, but returns it to Jame when he breaks from Caldane later. Jame wields ring and sword in the Battle of the Cataracts and then throws the sword to Torisen in the Heart of the Woods.[5]


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