"That's all right. I'll enjoy making a fair copy of this." He looked up through the fringe of his white hair with a quirky, almost shy smile. "It's good to be able to help."
Bound in Blood, "Chapter XIV: Two Chests", IV

Kindrie Soul-Walker is a Kencyr Highborn of the house of Knorth. He is the child of Gerridon and Tieri. He is widely believed to be a bastard since his father is not generally known, and the contract made between Gerridon and Gerraint, Tieri's father and then Highlord, was consumated long after Ganth, a witness to the contract, had gone into exile. The contract is discovered by Jame in the Moon Garden, where Tierir's death banner hangs in disgrace, in Bound In Blood. She shows it to him, and, to calm his horror at discovering his lineage, tells him of her own.

While known as "the Knorth Bastard", both Jame and Torisen seem willing to acknowledge Kindrie as blood-kin even before his legitimacy is established, regularly responding to the maxim that bastards have no kin with expressions of impatience with this convention.

He is a first cousin to Jame and Tori twice over, his mother having been Ganth's full sister, and his father being the first Jamethiel's twin brother. When his legitimacy is revealed to Torisen, the latter seems to take it well, offering Kindrie congratulations on not being a bastard and condolences on his paternity, and formally welcomes Kindrie to the family.

As his first personal contribution to the Knorth, Kindrie makes a record of all the Kendar bound to Tori, to assist him in being able to recall the names of all his dependents. While the fair copy of this scroll is destroyed by Rawneth, Kindrie's notes remain at Mount Alban, making it possible for him to recreate his work.

As one of three pure-blooded, legitimate Knorth highborn, Kindrie is almost certainly one of the Tyr-ridan, embodying Argentiel, the aspect of the Three-Faced God representing. Preservation. When Jame discusses this possibility with Kindrie, both agree that Tori is not ready to accept his Shanir nature, nor are they individually ready to take on their own prophesied roles.


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