Above them on its bluff, the fortress hunched sullenly against the mountains' darkness. Its outer ward was surrounded by overgrown cloud-of-thorn bushes […] Inside, all was ruin. They stood in the middle of the inner courtyard beside the well, looking about. The tumbled ruins of the armory, bakehouse, and granary lined the inner wall. Ahead loomed the tower keep. […] Now leafless vines hung over the walls, and saplings grew in the blackened ruins.
Burr's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 2: The Hell Hunt"

Kithorn is a ruined and uninhabited northern Riverland keep. It is on the eastern bank of the Silver.


Kithorn was originally an ancient Hathiri fortress, which like all the keeps, was itself built on the site of an even older Merikit hill fort. After the Riverland was seceded to the Kencyrath, the keep was the home of a minor Kencyr house, a cadet branch of the Caineron.[1] The Merikit slaughtered the Kencyr inhabitants in what is known as the Kithorn massacre, leaving only Marc, who was out hunting at the time. The land is now claimed by the Merikit.

It is revealed in Seeker's Mask that Kithorn is a sacred site for the Merikit; the well is considered the River Snake's mouth in the Merikit religion. The Lords inhabiting Kithorn permitted the Merikit to use the site when they needed, but balked when he heard that they planned to cast a hero down the well to pacify the River Snake, because he feared contamination of his well—though no harm would have come to it. The intention of the desperate Merikit was merely to hold the Kencyr captive long enough to enact their rite—but things went wrong, there was bloodshed, and the Merikit killed the rest in a panic.[2]


Kithorn is a small, simple keep, with only one tower, surrounded by a barbarian with a courtyard in the center.


  1. Bound in Blood, "Chapter VIII: Glass of a Different Color", I — " 'By the time we knew we needed aid, […] it was too late. Besides, we were a cadet branch of the Caineron, the last to survive the Fall. Caldane's father would have loved to snap us up, but we fancied our freedom,' "
  2. Seeker's Mask, "Part VIII: Kithorn"
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