I thought it would only be for a few days, just a little hunting trip by myself to escape the other boys' teasing. […] It was quiet enough when I came back, though. The gate stood open. The guard lay across the threshold with his throat cut. Inside, dead, all dead, my lord, my family, betrayed by a hall guest who had opened the gate one dark night to tribesmen from the hills. I tracked that man down. I took my great-grandfather's war axe, which the hall guest had stolen, out of his hand and split his skull with it. His kin hunted me through the mountains half that winter. I killed most of them. Ah, but it was a red, red time.
Marc, God Stalk,
"Chapter 8: Voices of the Past"

The Kithorn massacre was the massacre of the Kencyr at Kithorn by the Merikit, about 80 years ago.



Kithorn is an old ceremonial site to the Merikit. The well in the center of the keep leads down the throat of the River Snake, and far predates any keep there. The lord of Kithorn had previously allowed the Merikit access to the keep for their ceremonies.[1]


The ceremony usually involved sacrificing a goat. However, after a season of bad earthquakes, the Merikit planned to pacify the River Snake with a human. The lord of Kithorn found out, and refused to allow the ceremony to happen. The Merikit, fearing the Riverland would be destroyed if their ceremony failed, planned to seize Kithorn, and hold the Kencyr captive until the ceremony was over. They didn't intend to injury any of the Kencyr, however.

A Kendar was guarding the gate, and to get in, a Merikit killed him. Then, fearing the Kencyr retaliation for that, the Merikit panicked, and killed all the other Kencyr at Kithorn to prevent a blood feud.[1]


Marc, one Kendar of Kithorn, was in the hills hunting at the time. When he returned to find what had happened, he engaged in a blood feud against the Merikit.

Kithorn was left in it's half-burnt state, and the Kencyr did not claim Kithorn again. Since then, the Merikit have been able to conduct their ceremonies without issue.

The Kencyr never recovered some of the bodies of those killed in the massacre. Kencyr tradition holds that ever single bone of a body must be burnt, and so they started "bone hunts", searching Kithorn for the bones of the Kencyr. Long after most of the bones were already found, the tradition continued, as a rite of passage.[2]


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