The girl's hatred for [Marplet] now, after the way he had expelled her, was frightening in its intensity. Just the same, it had not taken the edge off her natural ambition. Jame believe she was currently trying to decide if it would be more advantageous to marry Rothan, become Tubain's mistress, or take on both roles simultaneously.
Jame's narration, God Stalk,
"Chapter 5: Winter Days"

Kithra sen Tenzi is a maid and serving girl, first at the Skyrrman and later at the Res aB'tyrr.

Kithra originally came to Tai-tastigon from Tenzi, Skyrr, to work at the Skyrrman. Naturally ambitious and intent in raising her social standing, Kithra seduced Marplet. Her plan backfired though, and instead turned Marplet against her.[1]

Jame first saw Kithra out the window of the Skyrrman.[2] Later that day, when Niggen tried to crush Jame and Cleppetty with a wooden beam, Kithra witnessed it. She reacted with horror when she saw the beam moving, and Jame, seeing Kithra's reaction, understood what was happening in time to move.

A few days later, Niggen tried to rape Kithra, and she ran into the street.[3] Jame, seeing this, knocked him into the air, declaring, "If you touch that girl again, I shall gladly knock out whatever teeth you have left." Later that night, Marplet whipped Kithra, by way of having someone to punish for Niggen's humiliation, and threw her out. Across the square, Cleppetty and Jame took her in, tended to her wounds.[4] She was promptly adopted into the Res aB'tyrr.[5] After Jame beat up Niggen, Kithra liked Jame.[6]

At the Res aB'tyrr, Kithra worked as a serving girl. She was also the one who made Jame's B'tyrr costume.[7]

Soon after her arrival at the Res aB'tyrr, she began trying to seduce both Tubain and Rothan, much to Cleppetty's irritation. By the time Jame left Tai-tastigon, she was engaged to Rothan.[8]


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At the Res aB'tyrr
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