The knot code is a close-kept secret of the Women's World. We use it to communicate, sisterkin to kin.
Trishien, Honor's Paradox,
"Chapter VI: History Lessons", I

The knot-stitch code, as the name implies, is a way of sending encoded messages in embroidery stitches on cloth. It is a third circle secret in the Women's World.[1] While knot-stitch code is used for multiple uses,[2] communication between sister-kin is it's primary use,[3] hence the great secrecy surrounding it.

Jame suspects that the Kendar also use knot-stitch code, though likely a different version that the one Highborn ladies use.[4]


Exactly how knot-stitch code works is unknown. It seems that a set of different stitches serve as graphemes to make up an alphabet or syllabary of some sort, which is then used to write.

It seems that the bump left by a stitch is more important than the stitch's physical appearance—that it is almost like Braille.[5] Adiraina can still use it, despite being blind.

It also seems to have a knitted form, as there is reference to Cattila's Ear, "knitting their conversation into a scarf."[6]

In Seeker's Mask, Dianthe and Adiraina,[7] and later Adiraina and Brenwyr,[8] speak to each other by moving their fingers on the other's shoulder. If knot-stitch code is dot-based, it could easily be adapted to this shoulder-tapping form.


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