This article is about the guild lords of Kothifir. For the guild lords of Tai-tastigon, which are significantly different, see Sirdan.

Kothifiran guild lord are three positions, Lord or Lady Artifice, Merchandy, and Professionate.

Individual guilds have their grandmasters, but all Kothifiran guilds are divided into three categories: crafts, merchants, and professions.[1]

  • Crafts—those who make things—fall under the domain of Artifice.
  • Merchants—those who sell things—fall under the domain of Merchandy.
  • Professions—those who profit by their individual skill—fall under the domain of Professionate.

Like the god king, the guild lords draw power from the Kencyr temple. While they are in power, they don't age, and cannot be killed.[2][3] During the Change, they loose their powers, and are vulnerable.

Guild lordsEdit

At the time of The Sea of Time

Lady Professionate: Shandanielle
Lord Merchandy: Mercer
Lord Artifice: Ruso


  1. The Sea of Time, "Chapter I: Kothifir", I — " 'Each guild needs a grandmaster, after all. Paper Crown, Leather Hood, Silk Purse, Intelligencer, Scalpel, Pliers… I lose track, but there must be a hundred at least, many with sub-chapters. Beyond that, all guilds are divided into crafts, merchants, and professions.' 'Those who make things, those who sell them, those who profit by their individual skill. Hence Lord Artifice?' Yes, […] Also there are Lord Merchandy and Lady Professionate.' "
  2. The Sea of Time, "Chapter I: Kothifir", IV — " 'You don’t know anything about the guild lords, do you? While they’re in office, they don’t age.' ' And they can’t be killed,' […] 'The thing is that Lady P has made it through every Change for at least fifteen years, and Lord Merchandy for three times that at least.' "
  3. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XII: A Season of Discontent", IV — " 'Tastigon "gods" spring from the power that spills over from our own temple and are shaped by the beliefs of their followers. Here in Kothifir, that gives you the guild lords, the god-king Krothen, and, to a lesser degree, the guild masters.' "

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