One swung his foot at the other, who ducked under it, then swung in his turn. […] The Favorite in red aimed a leg sweep at his opponent. The Challenger in green jumped over it. In the middle of a cartwheel, the Challenger launched a roundhouse kick at the other’s face. They were seriously going at it now, weaving back and forth, striking and dodging in a fury of limbs. […] They barely used their hands at all except to block foot strikes, and their legs seemed to be everywhere in graceful, swinging arcs. Some moves were like water-flowing and some like fire-leaping, but in surprising combinations.
Jame's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter III: Summer Solstice", II

Kothifiran street fighting, also called Kothifir street-fighting, is a kind of martial art practiced in Kothifir.

It can be very graceful.[1]

In To Ride a Rathorn, Brier uses Kothifiran street fighting at Tentir, also incorporating aspects of the Senethar, when sparing with Jame. She is marked down for this, as it's not a Kencyr tradition, and mixing the Kencyr Senethar with the Kothifiran style is though of as perverting Kencyr traditions. Jame is impressed, though, and asks Brier to tutor her in it.[2] Brier tutors her though Bound in Blood.[3][4] At the end of Honor's Paradox, when Torisen challenges Jame, he uses a little Kothifiran street fighting.[5]

In Kothifir in The Sea of Time, Jame sees many people practicing Kothifiran street fighting. During the Summer Solstice, she sees the Earth Wife's Favorite and the Challenger using the style in their fight during the ceremony.[6] Brier and Amberley fight using it.[1]


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