Kruin was the previous king of Kothifir, succeeded by his son Krothen.

He was an avid hunter, pursuing such game as rhi-sar, rathorn, even (unsuccessfully) Arrin-ken. He learned about the Weald and the Wolvers and wanted to add a pelt to his trophy wall; however, even the large hunting party he brought was no match for the deep weald. The Wolvers of the Grimly Holt eventually led the remnants of Kruin's party out of the deep woods, and Kruin promised a place at court to any Wolver as thanks. Worrying that the place he was thinking of was as a trophy on the wall, no Wolver took him up on the offer until the Wolver Grimly, fifteen years later. By that time Krothen was king, and there was no trophy wall.


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