Commander Larch was a female randon and an officer in the Southern Host. She served under Torisen when he commanded it, and afterwards under Pereden. She was with the center column of the Host when it attacked the Waster Horde.[2] She got a message out to Torisen, conveying her belief that the Host had been annihilated;[1] it turned out that only the center column had been, the other two having fallen back.[2] She was captured by the Wasters, flayed alive, and dismembered; Brier recounts that it took her a long time to die.[3]


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Dark of the Moon, "Epilogue: Moon Rise" — "It turned out that only Pereden's center column had been virtually annihilated. The message found at Wyrden had come from Larch, its randon commander,"
  3. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter X: Battles Old and New", I — " 'Our center column clashed head on and was ripped apart. The sand drank our blood and the Wasters ate our flesh. I saw Commander Larch flayed and dismembered. It took her a long, long time to die.' "

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