The Lawful Lie is a prerogative granted only to Kencyr singers and diplomats; the right to bend the truth without dishonor.[1][2][3]

The confusion between fact and fantasy caused by the chaotic flight of the Kencyrath to Rathillien and the jumbled scrolls it caused has led to the term "Lawful Lie" becoming a sneer among some, such as Vant, when dismissing things they don't believe.

It is said that singers swear not to distort the basic truth, not that all believe them in that.[4]


  1. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 4: First Blood" — "a cheerful historian and a gray-haired singer joined them, one to record the facts of the coming campaign (assuming there was one), and the other to immortalize it in song, using the singer's cherished prerogative of the Lawful Lie."
  2. Seeker's Mask, "Part VIII: Kithorn" — " 'During my years as a diplomat, I earned a singer's right to the Lawful Lie.' "
  3. To Ride a Rathorn, "Glossary" — "Lawful Lie: Kencyr singers (and some diplomats) are allowed a certain poetic license with the truth"
  4. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XX: A Season of Fog", II — " 'given their use of the Lawful Lie, how can we trust anything that they say?' 'Singers swear not to distort the basic truth in their songs.' 'But they do take liberties with it.' 'They may. Such songs as abuse the privilege, however, don’t endure, nor do we record them.' "

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