Love's-delight is an drug, an aphrodisiac, that Adiraina gives Torisen. She intended it to make Torisen more easily attracted to the Ardeth Highborn ladies she was trying to contract to him. It did not work that way, and instead made Torisen more attractive to the ladies. Highborn are difficult to poison, and drugs often have strange effects on them. The fact that Torisen had an empty stomach at the time may have also had an impact on it.[1]


  1. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter 3: Wine, Women, and Wolvers", II — " 'as you well know, Highborn are very difficult to poison, but we do react to drugs in different ways. What did you put into the wine?' She made a gesture as if to brush away both the topic and her embarrassment at having been caught in so crude a trick. 'Only a sprinkle of love's-delight. I thought you might be too tired to make an… er… appropriate decision.' 'So you gave me an aphrodisiac. On an empty stomach.' "

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