One [lodge-wyf], fair-haired and plump, was stirring a pot full of something bubbling and savory that made Jame's empty stomach growl. She dropped the ladle with a squeak when her twins pulled the guest inside to greet her.
Jame's narration, Bound in Blood,
"Chapter XV: Winter's Eve", II

Ma is a Merikit lodge-wyf.[2] She is married to Da, and they have twin daughters, because in Merikit culture, the mother names her child's father as she pleases.[1] Her and Da's wedding was famously fun.[3]

Presumably "Ma" is not her real name, but just what her daughters call her. However, in Honor's Paradox, Prid called her "Ma" too.[3] However, Prid is friends with her daughters[4], and it's possible that she's very familiar with the family, and just calls Ma "Ma" because her friends—Ma's daughters—do.


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