This was tribal territory. A dozen clans vied for hunting space here, marking their boundaries with malirs, the skull of their totem animal mounted on a pole with its bones hanging below from a cross piece. Sometimes the headless and not very fresh corpse of a trespasser was lashed to the pole. When the wind blew, the clatter of bones filled every hollow.
Marc's narration, Dark of the Moon,
"Chapter 5: Under Green Leaves"

Malirs are sculptures made by the hill tribes to mark their territories.


The spell-path to the Anarchies, by which the shamen enter, is lined with rathorn malirs.[1]


  1. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 5: Under Green Leaves" — "On the far bank were two malirs. Surmounting each was the skull mask of a rathorn, a stallion on the right with both the nasal tusk and the ivory horn curving back from between wide-set eye sockets, a mare on the left with only the nasal tusk. The bones hanging beneath each chimed together in the wind."

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