Oh, I have come from a far, far land
My songs to sing to you…
In green halls first my song began
When first I heard another sing…
Malodium, "Songs of Waste and Wood", I

Malodium[3] was a Kothifiran court poet of Rendish verse.

In King King's time, he accompanied him to the Weald on a hunting trip. There, he recited. Grimly was listening, and this was the first Rendish verse he ever heard. Malodium saw Grimly and said nothing, as revenge against King Kruin. When Grimly came of age, he went to Kothifir and studied under Malodium. King Krothen was god-king by then, and Malodium was old and out of favor. To buy his way back into favor, Malodium presented Grimly to the court as an exotic oddity.[1][2][3]


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