"Massacre at Gothregor" is a poem of Ashe's, that she recites to Kirien and Kindrie in Honor's Paradox.[1]

In the dedication, P. C. Hodgell gives credit for the poem to Tiel Aisha Ansari.[2]

Down in a dark hall desperate footsteps
Seek out the safety of shadows and silence.
Beautiful Aerulan, Brenwyr’s beloved
Clutches a child’s hand, white-cheeked with fear.
Above, at the doorway already cold
Kinzi lies killed among cascades of crimson.

Sweet pale blooms promise protection
Concealment and comfort for cold Tieri.
A woven hanging hides her behind it,
Moon-garden entrance guarded by grace.
Aerulan invites assassins to her arms:
Her death distracts them from Tieri’s trail.

Cut down like corn the women of Knorth.
Ashes blew black from blazing pyres.
Knorth’s men, maddened, made for the hills
Drinking full deep of destruction’s draught.
Under her home’s halls Tieri lay hidden
Last Knorth woman left all alone.


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