He stared at the roil behind her of the Barrier that separated this world from the next. […] So was the Master's House, that nightmare looming out of a fallen past. He could almost distinguish the crooked lines of its many roofs, shifting in the shadows of countless moonless nights, its windows without number opening to the soulless dark within.
Anar's narration, Blood and Ivory: A Tapestry, "Among the Dead"

The Master's House was home to the Master of Knorth, the Highlord. It exists in all threshold worlds; different rooms lead into different worlds, and when the Kencyrath had to abandon a world to Perimal Darkling, that world's room would be sealed off. When Gerridon betrayed the Kencyrath in the Fall, he took the Master's House within Perimal Darkling, and opened all the rooms to each other.

Jame set fire to the Master's House after cutting off Gerridon's hand when she escaped for the first time, just before the beginning of God Stalk. Now, the Master's House exists in the present as a burned-out, roofless shell; but Gerridon spends most of his time in the past of the House, where time passes more slowly.[1]

Jame remembers later that she had tried to escape the Master's House by arson, flight and amnesia, but was still carrying the thing in her soul as her soul-image.


  1. Dark of the Moon, "Chapter 13: Converging Paths"

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