The Mercy Seat is a large marble throne at the center of Judgment Square in Tai-tastigon.[1] It is used for the public torture and execution of criminals found guilty of the most heinous crimes.[2] Public flaying alive on the Seat appears to be the most common form of execution, this being performed for (among other things), robbery involving undue violence, or the injury or death of a guard. For an attempt on the life of a Guild-lord or a member of the Five, the accused is given to the mob to torment before the flaying.

Three deaths are shown on the Mercy Seat during God Stalk.

  1. The execution of Hangrell, for attempting to kill Marc (a city guard) by dropping a wall on him[3]
  2. The death of Dally, although he probably actually died elsewhere and was simply left on the Seat to be found[4]
  3. The execution of Bane by the mob, accused of the murder of Dally, although the soul-less Bane did not physically die quick if at all and his soul did not depart the world once freed of the Lower Town Monster[5]

The master torturer and executioner is known as the Master of Mercy.[3] The title is not irony; the executed man is drugged so that he does not suffer unduly.


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