Mere is plant, products from which can be used to render things invisible. Members of the Bashtiri Shadow Guild of assassins wear mere clothing, have mere-tempered knives, and eventually get mere tattoos all over their bodies. In large quantities, mere can drive a person insane.[1]


  1. Seeker's Mask, "Part I", III — "the Shadow Guild's claim to invisibility. Its members were said to wear clothes made from the fibers of the transparent mere plant, earned garment by garment as apprentices. Journeymen went on to a knife tempered in mere sap. Masters of the Guild acquired mere tattoos, bit by bit covering every inch of their bodies including eyeballs and as far into every orifice as the dye needles would reach. The Grand Master was said to be totally invisible, able to walk through walls, and quite insane from mere poisoning—if one believed that such an unlikely thing as mere existed."

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