The Merikit are a native hill tribe who live north of Kithorn.


Chief and queenEdit

The Merikit have both a chief and a queen. The chief is the religious leader of the Merikit, his role lying in the religious ceremonies,[1] while the queen is the military[2] and civil[3] The chief is the queen's first housebond.[2]


Each autumn, after the harvest, the Merikit hunt large numbers of yackcarn, as the females migrate through Merikit territory. The yackcarn are essential for the Merikit surviving the winter.[4]


In the autumn, the Merikit commonly engage in cattle raids on the Kencyrath.[5]


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The Merikit wear their hair in multiple braids. They have one on the left for each person they have killed, and one right for each child they have. The first time they're braided, left-hand braids are slathered with the blood of the killed.[6]


The Merikit do tattoos, and older Merikit often have many tattoos.[7]


The Merikit usually dress in brightly colored wool.[7]


Merikit spouses are referred to as housebonds[8] and wyves,[9] both older English forms of the words husbands and wives respectively. To have housebonds, a Merikit woman must be a lodge-wyf—she must own a lodge.[9] Lodges are typically passed down mother to daughter. From there, she may have as many housebonds as she can keep happy. Gran Cyd can intervene, however. Men can also take more than one wyf.[10]

War maids, shamans, and bards do not marry.[10] The Earth Wife's Favorite cannot marry during their time as the Favorite.

War maidsEdit

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The Merikit religion, although not as yet fully explained, centers around four elemental personifications, the Four: the Eaten One, Earth Wife, Falling Man and Burnt Man, and various other primal forces such as the primal Chaos Serpent and its brood, including the River Snake.

Women are banned from religious ceremonies, as they are men's mysteries. Boys who are not of age are not supposed to attend either.[11]

Shamans don't marry, and can sit by fire they choose.[10]


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