This article is about Merry, one of Those-Who-Returned, and a member of Torisen's garrison. For Merri, one of the Exiles, and cook at the Keep, see Merri.

Ever since Cron and Merry's young son had broken his neck and Torisen had administered the White Knife to him, he had been interested in the pair. Somehow, they seemed to represent the health of his Kendar garrison.
Torisen's narration, The Sea of Time,
"Chapter XV: Winter's Tales"

Merry is a Knorth Kendar. She's a member of Torisen's garrison, and likely one of Those-Who-Returned.

She and her mate Cron had a son named Ghill, who died. The following year, Cron went to Torisen and for his permission to have another child.[1] Torisen granted it, and they had another baby, Bo. The following year, Cron fractured his leg, and and so he stayed with and tended the baby, while Merry worked, while his leg healed.[2]


  1. Honor's Paradox, "Chapter XIII: Secrets", I — " 'Lord, you know that this past winter my young son Ghill died. […] I and my mate would like to have another child. Not that anything can replace what we’ve lost, but the room is so quiet without him.' "
  2. The Sea of Time, "Chapter XV: Winter's Tales" — " 'How is Cron?' he now asked Kindrie. 'The fall fractured his leg, but he should be up again soon. Meanwhile, he can tend to their new baby while his mate Merry handles his chores as well as her own.' "

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