First came a line of reapers with a hiss and flash of scythes, the hay falling in swathes at their feet. The next line of workers turned over these sheaves with rakes to loosen them for proper drying. Twenty great wains, drawn by horse or oxen, lumbered behind them between the rows. Onto these the hay was pitched under the expert eye of the load-masters. When a wain was full, it pulled aside to one of the growing stacks.
Torisen's narration, To Ride a Rathorn,
"Chapter XIX: Darkness at Noon", I

The Minor Harvest,[1] also known as the Lesser Harvest,[2] is one of two annual harvests in the Riverland. The Minor Harvest is for the haying.[1][2]

It starts on Midsummer's Day (Summer 60) and those at Tentir get leave to home and help with the harvest.[3]


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  3. To Ride a Rathorn, "Chapter XVI: Midsummer's Eve", I — "Harn Grip-hard had gone with him, to prepare for the Minor Harvest. Tomorrow, Midsummer's Day, all cadets would go home to help with the haying."

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