[A] steel-gray Molocar bitch, four feet high at the shoulder, of a battle breed whose jaws could shatter tempered spear-shafts. It was she who bayed, like a great bell tolling war.
Jame's narration, Seeker's Mask,
"Part III: The Riverland", II

The Molocar are an enormous breed of hunting and war dog kept by the Kencyrath. They are massive, powerful hounds.[1]

A Molocar is one of the dogs the Randir set on Kindrie's trail in Seeker's Mask. Tarn, a cadet at Tentir, has an old, bonded Molocar named Torvo in To Ride a Rathorn, which dies of old age; Tarn is given a young Molocar pup by Gorbel, the Caineron Lordan. A pack of Molocars are loosed around Jame by mistake in the short story "Stranger Blood"; she holds out a hand to the dog, which snaps her jaws on it, crunching bones. Jame's blood blood-binds the hound; Jame can heal, of course, with dwar sleep.

The name and appearance seem to be derived from the Molossus, the great fighting and guard dog of the ancient world, which is the ancestor of the modern Mastiff and others.

Author's note: I found the name in a Mary Renault novel about Alexander the Great, not realizing that it indicated an extinct breed but guessing it.


  1. Honor's Paradox, "Lexicon" — "Molocar—a type of massive, powerful hound"
hunting dogs kept by Kencyr
Molocar Direhound Lymer

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